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Originally posted at Tampa Steel

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to purchase a home, consider steel as your best option.  The structure and cost-saving ability of steel is nothing to balk at; and it is a superb material that not enough homeowners use to their full advantage.  Don’t let that be you!

Why is steel your best option?  Here are 6 great reasons:


First and foremost, we should do our best to combat unnecessary waste, especially in the construction sector. You would be doing your part by selecting steel as by many accounts it is the world’s most recycled material. That said, a product that is endlessly recyclable allows for whenever the home has reached its lifespan to contribute to future homes with no unnecessary emissions waste and prevent it from laying in a landfill for the foreseeable future.


Although steel is sustainable, there is a common misconception that it equates to it being a weak product. On the contrary, steel’s durability makes it a near-perfect material to build a home. Steel requires little repair and maintenance, so whether you are a homeowner or landlord, you will be saving thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the home.


This more than any other reason on this list is why steel is a cut above the rest as far as a building material goes. People believe steel is a more expensive way to go than say that of wood, but not only is it not in terms of material cost, but in efficiency. Steel with proper insulation and other design features are incredibly energy efficient. Also, steel becomes efficient in time spent building. Steel is famous for making a building’s foundation design simplified which in turn leads to faster construction time, saving a sizeable amount of money. You will also reduce your project overhead as steel’s lighter weight allows for lower shipping costs in comparison to other building materials.


When building a home, the last thing you want is restrictions. You want to let your imagination run wild, and with steel, that is possible. It is an architects’ and designers’ dream to work with steel while constructing a home as it can be molded and shaped in any way, for the exterior or interior. That said, steel also provides a structurally sound building that allows architects to test the limits of their designs, allowing your home to be wholly unique.

Natural Disaster Resistance

What is worth more than anything when owning a home, aside from the home itself? Peace of mind. And with steel, you will be able to obtain that. Due to its ability to withstand earthquakes, high winds, blizzards, and most importantly, its fire resistance, steel protects a home and everyone within it more than any other building material. Also, it will save you money in the long run as insurance companies look kindly upon metal structures as they know the advantages and safety measures it creates.

Spatial Forgiveness

Going back to steel’s versatility, it can maximize space more than any other structural material. This can be utilized in allowing the thinnest shell for the structure and smaller support beams that are just as strong as wood beams. This can be particularly advantageous in more metropolitan areas, where space is constrained and not easily available. Also, while it comes down to your preferred aesthetic, you can forgo brick walls with steel, allowing for maximum use of your land.

Take this information and make sure the place you call your forever home can withstand being around forever like steel can.

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