Intelligently Designed, Innovatively Built

Our strategic partnership with Synergy Steel sets us our homes apart. Constructed with steel rather than traditional wood framing practices, we utilize an innovative centralized steel panelization system providing tremendous benefits to our homeowners, including:

  • Increased strength by utilizing steel framing and panelization vs. typical wood construction.
  • Lower maintenance and potentially lower insurance rates.
  • Non-combustible framing structures that are impervious to termites and pests.
  • Elimination of common problems associated with wood construction such as shrinking, splitting, rotting, cracking, or twisting.
  • Sustainability – steel construction produces less than 2% waste, which is then recycled.
  • Safer, cleaner job sites benefit both the environment and on site workers.

Through modern construction advancement and technology, Broadstreet Homes assures a durable and safe home that’s built to last. We employ an impartial and unbiased quality control firm to conduct a 200+ point inspection on every new home we build. Our homes are backed by an independent third-party warranty, offering our homeowners even greater peace of mind.