Purchasing a home is a big and very rewarding decision!

A decision that might seem overwhelming especially with everything else we all have going on in our lives. However, when you select the right building partner, the process becomes less about complication and more about relaxation and fun!

The principals of Broadstreet Homes have helped thousands of homeowners find and purchase their dream home. We are here to assist you with every step!

1Meet and Greet

Meet with a member of our very friendly and professional sales team to discuss:

  • Your current living situation.
  • Your desired location, community, amenities, schools, budget, etc.
  • Your home wish list including desired rooms, home size and features you want in your new home.

2Determining Your Home and Homesite

Broadstreet has many homes and home sites to choose from including homes that are ready now to home sites that are waiting to be selected and having a home built from scratch!

A Broadstreet sales representative will work closely with you to select the perfect home design and desired home site.

3Purchasing Your New Home

Together once we locate the perfect home design and home site it is time to review and complete the purchase agreement. Your Broadstreet representative will thoroughly review all paperwork with you and answer any questions you may have.

At the time of the purchase agreement, customers are required to provide Broadstreet with a deposit to secure their home and home site. Such deposit is fully refundable if you do not receive mortgage approval.

4Obtaining Your Mortgage Approval

If you have received your mortgage approval prior to visiting us, then CONGRATULATIONS!

If not, then within seven days of signing your purchase agreement, please contact a mortgage counselor and complete your loan application.

For your convenience, Broadstreet has a list of preferred mortgage lenders that will assist you in making this part of the process as easy as possible.

5Personalizing Your New Home at our Design Studio

Let’s have some fun!

One big advantage of purchasing a newly built home is the opportunity to really make it your own.

Once your purchase agreement is complete you will then spend time at our Design Studio to carefully finalize all of your selections, options and color choices.

Each home design comes with appealing included features, but we want you to personalize your home to your style. Our team will guide you every step of the way.

6Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to the start of the construction on your home, you will meet with your Production Manager where you will review the intimate details of your home including your floorplan, options, home selections, construction timelines, expectations, etc.

You will also have an opportunity to walk your home site and have any questions answered.

7Construction Begins

Beginning construction on your new home is an exciting time for everyone.

Once your down payment is complete, your mortgage is approved, and the homesite is ready for building, we can start construction.

Building a home requires thousands of parts and pieces and endless hours of labor to complete. Our production team oversees and schedules every aspect of the home to make sure the quality and excellence is in each home.

Our production team will give you weekly updates on the progress of construction and will also coordinate future meetings with you.

8Pre-Drywall Meeting

Before the installation of drywall, your Production Manager will personally walk you through your home and explain the quality features behind the walls.

At this time, your Production Manager will set up a preliminary date for your Home Orientation Demonstration and Closing.

9Home Orientation Demonstration

It is time to test drive and view your completed and beautiful new home.

Your home orientation demonstration will occur before your closing where your Production Manager will demonstrate and familiarize you with the benefits and the features of your new home.

At the same time, your Production Manager will review with you all of your warranty information, home maintenance tips and customer satisfaction survey.

10Home Closing

What an exciting day!

It is time to attend and complete your Closing.

Once your Closing occurs and all paperwork has been recorded it is time to receive your keys and begin moving in your beautiful home!

However, your relationship with Broadstreet Homes does not end here.

11Thirty Days Post Closing Home Walk Through

Approximately 30 days after your home closing, your Production Manager will conduct your first post-closing walk through.

The purpose of this walk through is to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns that may have come up within the first month of living in your new home.

12Ten Month Post Closing Home Walk Through

At approximately your ten-month anniversary, you will receive notification from our office that we would like to set up your second post-closing walk through to address any concerns that may have arisen within the first year of your home.

Our homes are all energy efficient

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